Baconzitos – Not Quite Fritos, Doritos or Cheetos but tasty Bacon flavored itos

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
Worth a Munch
Brand Elma Chips
Name/Flavor Baconzitos
Manufacturer Pepsico
Manufactured in Brazil
Price Category standard
On Bag Description 0% Gordura Trans (No Trans Fat)
Munchies Type Chips
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Elma Chips Baconzitos instantly had my attention because they featured two of my favorite snack related words, bacon and itos (or eetos). Bought in Brazil, the promise of a crunchy corn chip with bacon flavor had me ready to pull open the bag and see if these chips would not disappoint like other bacon snacks I’ve reviewed.

The Baconzitos bag features its puffy, curved chips on the front and my initial fear was that they would more closely resemble cheese puffs in texture. In fact, once we read the back, it turned out these weren’t corn chips at all and the snacks were quite airy and resembled pork rinds in texture.. Things didn’t seem to get much better when the bag had no distinct bacony smell and the first few Baconzitos I grabbed didn’t look particularly seasoned, however, eating them produced a more promising result.

Baconzitos actually have a very nice crunch and the taste is very pleasant although the texture is a bit odd for my tastes. They initially taste a bit buttery and then end with a nice bacony finish. The one majorĀ  knock, which seems to be the most difficult thing with bacon snacks, is that the bacon flavor was very mild. As someone who loves crispy bacon full of flavor, my expectations to get that flavor in a chip may just be too high.

Another great thing about the Baconzitos was that they did not suffer from a cardboard tasting second or third bite, they remained crunchy and tasty even if the flavor was mild towards the end. A too tentative overall taste and interesting texture prevent these from getting our highest rating, but if you find yourself in South America looking for somethingĀ  unique to munch on while you trek around, these are worth grabbing as I had quite a bit of trouble putting the bag down once it was opened.

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