Lay’s Hot Chili Squid – Yes you read that right

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
Hmmm..That's Unique
Brand Lay's
Name/Flavor Hot Chili Squid
Manufacturer Frito Lay
Manufactured in Thailand
Price Category standard
On Bag Description
Munchies Type Chips
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We at Munchies Blog have tried many strange chips here, but none had us as scared as Lay’s Hot Chili squid. As Roy opened up the bag he simply exclaimed “Oh my god” ¬†and smelled the bag, “it’s like rotten fish.” I went to the bag and took a whiff and it was all true, it smelled like the bottom of the sea, but would it taste like it?

When we grabbed the first chip it was surprise to see they were actually textured like Ruffles. The Hot Chili Squid chips featured fried squid and oil as well as some flames on the front of the bag, but thankfully (and I say this before trying them) the bag felt pretty empty which meant we wouldn’t have to push ourselves (or others) through too many. So how did they taste already??

Well, to be honest I was a little disappointed. Although Lay’s Hot Chili Squid had the smell of the sea, the taste itself wasn’t particularly fishy or squidlike, but rather a mild fishlike taste and a semi-spicy kick at the very end. As you take the bite the hardest part is actually overcoming the smell of the chip and allowing yourself to eat them. Once that first bite is down, however, they aren’t so bad.

The chips had a typical Ruffle-like crunch and a sweet flavor to them which was semi-pleasant even. Unfortunately it was followed by a spicy hot taste at the end which reinforced the overall, mostly negative experience of eating these. I honestly wonder how many people enjoy this snack in its native country because I don’t think it is actually strong enough for local tastes which are probably used to more exotic flavors, so if they were bland to me, how would they taste to those who actually seek these kinds of chips.

Unique? Most definitely. Recommended? Definitely not. If you want to try something unique in Thailand I would say try a real, local snack because these are fun to bring back, but aren’t worth it if you are actually there.

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