Pringles Extreme Torchin Tamale – More like Tame Tamale

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
Brand Pringles
Name/Flavor Torchin Tamale
Manufacturer Procter & Gamble
Manufactured in United States
Price Category standard
On Bag Description EXTREME
Munchies Type Chips
* The information listed above is a combination of both our opinion and what was advertised on the product's bag. We take no responsibility for any idiotic use of the this information. Actually, we advise you to check the product and see for yourself.

Pringles Extreme Torchin Tamale were given to me by a friend and I must say that I never thought I would see Pringles served in anything but a Tall or short can and was intrigued about these from the start. At first I felt pretty disappointed because it felt like all the chips had been crushed, but once we cracked them open I was surprised/relieved to see that bagged Pringles are actually just smaller then their pop top cousins and perhaps slightly thicker.

The move from can to bag also didn’t change the “crisps” label that Pringles are known for and the crisps themselves felt just a tad thicker than the standard Pringle, though they weren’t stacked. Similar to other tomato, spicy or “hot” flavored chips, Pringles Extreme Torchin Tamale had a reddish tinge to them and were very evenly seasoned.

The bag itself was very sleek and more graphically focused then a standard Pringles can. It featured an image of the chips (close to actual size, though it wasn’t written), and some sort of container holding all kinds of spices along with a green and red pepper. If they were trying to make these appear more extreme then the low key pop tops, they succeeded.

Unfortunately, after all of the promising signs things went downhill for these mini, bagged Pringles. As you eat Pringles Torchin Tamale crisps you can taste a lot of garlic along with a combo of cayenne pepper. The more starchy, thicker style crisps dampened any real flavor and other then the salt and the bit of spice we didn’t really taste anything at all.

For something that is supposed to be both “EXTREME” and “Torchin,” these crisps did not have too much flavor and were only mildly spicy at the end (this coming from someone that doesn’t particularly like hot snacks either). If you want something that is mildly hot you could just as easily spread some franks or Tabasco over regular Pringles. Overall, a sad showing for our first non can of Pringles.

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  1. Cinabar says:

    The Pringles Xtreme Flamin’ Chilli Sauce weren’t hot either… seems they are airing on the side of caution with the heat, despite the name!

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