Rock Sugar Pumpkin Cookies – More Muffin than Cookie

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
An Average Snack
Brand Rock Sugar LLC
Name/Flavor Pumpkin Cookie
Manufacturer Rock Sugar
Manufactured in United States
Price Category standard
On Bag Description
Munchies Type Cookies
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Rock Sugar Pumpkin Cookies come nicely packaged in individually wrapped with a sticker on each side. One side gives you the ingredients, all of which are fairly standard (nice to see especially with all of the random ingredients which are included in the chips we usually review), while the other has the Rock Sugar LLC logo and best-by date. Once opened the cookies do have a nice scent and texture, however they were softer and more muffin-top like than the cookie I was eagerly hoping for.

Upon opening the Pumpkin Cookies, there is a nice smell of chocolate and assuming that a muffin texture is what was expected, it did have a nice fluffiness to it. The cookie is also pretty thick, so Rock Sugar did the right thing by packaging each one individually, having more than one at a time would probably be a bit too much.

As for the taste itself, the cookie was a bit lacking. There wasn’t any flavor that really stood out and the cookie wasn’t sweet or salty. Being a pumpkin cookie I also expected a bit of a different taste to it but the challenge the review team found with this cookie was finding any real flavor at all to hold on to. Checking out the Rock Sugar Site after trying the cookies, it does say that they are supposed to be somewhere between a cake and cookie, so it seems this was the intention, but for me a cookie should be either out of the oven soft or nice and crunchy, these fell oddly in the middle.

One thing I can say about the cookies was that there were plenty of chocolate chips which is always good to see. If you’re looking for a muffin-like cookie then these might be for you, but unfortunately for this set of reviewers, they were a pretty average cookie. It does look like the Rock Sugar team does make some kick ass looking cakes tho so if you’re in the vegas area for a party (and who isn’t), then their cakes might be something worth checking out!

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