Rold Gold Hard Sourdough Pretzels – Like A Street Pretzel In a Bag

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
An Average Snack
Brand Rold Gold
Name/Flavor Hard Sourdough Pretzels
Manufacturer Frito Lay
Manufactured in United States
Price Category standard
On Bag Description Making Great Pretzels Since 1917! Guaranteed Fresh
Munchies Type Pretzel
* The information listed above is a combination of both our opinion and what was advertised on the product's bag. We take no responsibility for any idiotic use of the this information. Actually, we advise you to check the product and see for yourself.

Never one to turn down a snack, when I was given a 1lb bag of Rold Gold Hard Sourdough pretzels, I didn’t question how I would be able to finish it, but rather how unless you have a party or really love pretzels, I don’t know why you would purchase such a large bag. More importantly, however, is are they good enough to merit such a large quantity in one purchase?

After admiring these giant pretzels through the clear-front viewing window, we cracked them open and took a few of our standard photos and then our first bite. The equivalent of about four Lightly Salted Pretzel Twists put together, they had a nice shape to them as well as a very enticing, dark outer coating.

Each Rold Gold Hard Sourdough Pretzel featured salt flakes, and although they aren’t as big as a pretzel you would find at a ballpark or on the street, you couldn’t finish these in one bite. They were very thick and “bready” smelling. Oh and they weren’t lying about them being hard either. Every bite we had featured an audible crunch and took around 8 or so bites to complete.

One of the things we liked about these pretzels were the hint of sweetness that we attribute to the honey flavor listed on the back. You have to really eat a few to notice it but it is there. Like street pretzels, one of the problems we found with Rold Gold Hard Sourdough Pretzels was that one bite would seem saltless while the next would make you pucker. Also like a street pretzel they are absolutely delicious if you put a little mustard on them.

An enjoyable snack, they didn’t really separate themselves from the pack, but if you throw some mustard on them you have a definite winner. Of course you could also try already seasoned honey mustard flavored pretzels too. But if you are too lazy to warm up a pretzel at home, these are a great alternative.

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