The Better Chip Jalapeño – With REAL Peppers!

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
An Average Snack
Brand The Better Chip
Name/Flavor Jalapeño and Sea Salt
Manufacturer The Better Chip
Manufactured in Mexico
Price Category standard
On Bag Description Made With Fresh Jalapeños
Munchies Type Chips
* The information listed above is a combination of both our opinion and what was advertised on the product's bag. We take no responsibility for any idiotic use of the this information. Actually, we advise you to check the product and see for yourself.

The Better Chip company proudly proclaims that “nature always does it better” on the back of the bag and their Jalapeño chip bag features nothing but some simple tortilla chip with a single Jalapeño . I also think its the first chip I’ve ever seen that has Jalapeños IN it! So was it too hot to handle?

Well, for starters the bag of Better Chip Jalapeño and Sea Salt chips smelled like a large pepper which is a good sign if you like peppers (Full Disclosure: I don’t.). As I held the whole, circular tortilla chip in hand I wondered if the green pieces inside were real. After my first bite I learned that A) The chip itself was a bit dry B) The jalapeños were real and C) They were HOT!!

Like a standard Jalapeño , you can taste a bit of the pepper at the beginning and feel confident that your tastebuds and heat tolerance are high. As I was taking my first bite, Roy had already taken his and after a few moments yelled [Expletive] these are hot! A quick glance at the back of the bag showed that it include 40% fresh Jalapeño and onion pieces and that my friends is definitely a nice improvement over seeing all types of “flavorings”  in the ingredient list.

Overall I think the non-Jalapeño part of The Better Chip Jalapeño and Sea Salt left something to be desired though if you like your chips spicy they are right up your alley and are definitely healthier and feel fresher than other similar chips. Overall it is an average chip but we have a few other bags to test so stay tuned for reports on other flavors.

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  1. Chip Review says:

    An average snack??? We are huge fans of these chips. Your review seems mostly positive, other than indicating that the specific bag you had was slightly dry…..also, that they left your palette with something to be desired – which was? Just trying to understand the average snack rating?

    You can find our review of these here:

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