Rold Gold Pretzels Classic Style Thins – A Salt-Lover’s Dream

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Fact Sheet
Serving Size: 1 whole bag
Servings Per Bag: as much as possible
Worth a Munch
Brand Rold Gold
Name/Flavor Rold Gold Pretzels Classic Style Thins
Manufacturer Frito Lay
Manufactured in United States
Price Category standard
On Bag Description Classic pretzel taste
Munchies Type Pretzel
* The information listed above is a combination of both our opinion and what was advertised on the product's bag. We take no responsibility for any idiotic use of the this information. Actually, we advise you to check the product and see for yourself.

Corn syrup and lots of salt combined with a hint of wheat provides a pleasant mix of flavors that lingered in my mouth long after my first Rold Gold Classic Style Thins pretzel was finished. In fact, it was this aftertaste that compulsively drove me to continuously pop one after another into my mouth until the bag was nothing but salt and crumbs.

The largest Rold Gold pretzel in the bag I opened was just small enough to fit completely in my mouth, though it was a bit too large to comfortably chew at first. In practice, a single full pretzel can be eaten in as many as three enjoyable and fulfilling bites. I also found immense pleasure in chipmunk-biting (ie, with just the top and bottom front teeth) the pretzels instead of popping the whole thing in my mouth.

On the crunchy scale, Rold Gold pretzels are right in between Ruffles and Kettle Brand chips, falling somewhere in the neighborhood of thick Fruity Pebbles (pre-milk of course). Amazingly, despite their thinness, Rold Gold pretzels never seemed to get mushy…unless of course you enjoy sucking on your pretzels like candy which I don’t recommend.

Perhaps the only negative aspect of Rold Gold Classic Style Thins pretzels would be the saltiness factor: an average sized bag contains 62% of person’s daily sodium requirement. If you are not a salt-lover, the taste might be a bit overwhelming. However, if I were a bar owner I would have a heaping bowl of them available for free on every table to ensure that my beer taps kept flowing.

Finally, for you weight-watchers out there, Rold Gold Classic Style Thins pretzels are practically fat free and pretty low on calories too. They advertise GOLD in big letters on their bags and for me they deliver for an easy “Must Munch” ranking, however since I acknowledge that I love salt more than a lot of people I am downgrading it to “Worth a Munch.” Grab a bag, grab a beer or non-alcoholic beverage, grab a friend and enjoy.

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